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*Sorgen Heating Pad

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*Sorgen Heating Pad
*Is your pain unbearable? Perfect for pain relief, Sorgen Heating Pad is versatile and has been designed to be contour your body – back, stomach, knee, shoulder and even elbow. Just strap it on around the part your ache is and let its heat therapy comfort relax you. No need to suffer using a small heating pad anymore! Our Sorgen Heating Pad is adequately sized, generously covering all parts of the body effectively.
*Fast Relief: Sorgen Heating Pad helps provide soothing heat relief for fast heating and fast pain relief. Feel the heat therapy work in a few minutes for muscle relaxation and faster healing.
*3 Level Heat Controller: Remote controller with single button makes using Sorgen Heating Pad effortless. Adjust heat level to desire 1, 2 or 3 level to get soothing heat relief in minutes. Feel the heat therapy work as you feel your muscles relax. The increase in blood flow promotes faster healing.
*Large Size: This large-size pad measures 10″ x 13″ to cover larger areas that need pain relief, including back, stomach, legs, and across the shoulders. It makes this the perfect heating pad on every part of your body extremely comfortable.



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